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Xian Rui Connaught new energy Co., Ltd. is located in Xi'an National hi tech Development Zone, is a power electronic technology based, professional development and production of a variety of complex conditions of high performance power electronics equipment and detection system of high-tech enterprises. Enterprises in the military industry involving earlier, mainly to the development of 28.5V aviation DC power supply, 270V DC aeronautical power supply, 400Hz medium frequency static variable power, wide frequency AC power, military equipment power supply facilities, military charger, programmable DC power supply, linear DC regulated power supply, linear / DC signal source, AC constant current source, AC harmonic source, shore power, 60Hz frequency cleaning power, photovoltaic / wind power inverter supply, the electrical automation test system based. The product has the advantages of high power density, waveform quality, conversion efficiency is high, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) superior, reasonable structure, stable performance, etc. a lot of good quality, has been serving in many aerospace research and military production factory, industry users alike.
In the field of industrial power, companies rely on military industry quality and process control experience, with the country's new energy auto industry policy, developed a variety of new steam car power and detection equipment, mainly covers on-board charger, car DC-DC converter, car inverter and high power rate charger, lithium battery and super capacitor charging and discharging test device, motor controller and the simulation of power supply products such as batteries. Products have been applied in some car factories and power battery manufacturers. To satisfy the different requirements of users, our company can be customized, tailored for cost-effective products. Company in product development, adhere to the combination of independent research and development and horizontal cooperation, and actively cooperate with the major colleges and universities to expand technical cooperation and exchange. In product quality, the establishment of a sound system of production and after-sales service guarantee. Company has always been the focus of the market, to the quality of survival, technology innovation and development, and strive to build a first-class enterprise in the industry.
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